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The Victims

Those killed in North King Street were:

  1. Thomas Hickey (age 38) 170 North King Street
  2. Christopher Hickey (age 16) 170 North King Street (Father and son)
  3. Peter Connolly (age 39) 170 North King Street
    (These three bodies had bayonet marks indicating they were killed with the bayonet)
  4. Patrick Bealen (age 30) 177 North King Street
  5. James Healy (age 44) 177 North King Street
    (Were seen being taken away to be shot by the military by Mary O’Rourke).
  6. Michael Nunan (age 34), 174 North King Street
  7. George Ennis (age 51), 174 North King Street.
    (Anne Fennel of 174 testified that soldiers broke in took away Ennis and that he crawled back mortally wounded)
  8. Dunne, Edward (age 39), 91 North King Street
  9. Walsh, John (age 34). 172 North King Street
  10. Michael Hughes (age 50) 172 North King St
    (Killings seen by Eileen Walsh, wife of John.)
  11. Lawless, Peter J. (age 21), 27 North King Street.
  12. James McCarthy (age 36), 27 North King Street
  13. James Finnegan (age 40), 27 North King St
  14. Patrick Hoey (age 25) 27 North King Street
    (All worked at Louth Dairy in that house, found dead in basement with wounds to the head and throat areas)
  15. In addition Jon Biernes (age 50) was shot dead by Crown forces on nearby Coleraine Street.